Huntington Beach Hypnobabies

Hypnobabies® is a very successful 6 week, 3-hours per week, complete childbirth education course that was adapted with permission from Gerald Kein’s “Painless Childbirth Program” techniques rather than using simple relaxation, breathing or guided imagery. This allows our Hypno-Moms to enjoy “eyes-open childbirth hypnosis”, easily remaining deeply in hypnosis while walking, talking and changing positions; being as mobile as they would like to be during childbirth. Hypnobabies is well-known for helping women to create much shorter, easier and more comfortable labors, making childbirth the joyful experience it was meant to be. Learn more about Hypnobabies® HERE

Now teaching at Integrated Birth in Huntington Beach and Beach Cities Midwifery in Long Beach! 
Serving Long Beach, Orange County, Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.
Contact me via email at  or by phone at (310) 773-8774

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Packages available including Doula Services, Lactation Consultations, Childbirth Education and Placental Encapsulation.

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New Hypnobabies Childbirth Education Classes Starting for 2016! 

undays, Jan. 3rd - Feb. 7th  4:00-7:30

Fridays, Jan. 22nd - Feb 26th  6:00-9:30

Sundays, Feb. 21st - Mar. 27th  4:00-7:30

Fridays, Mar. 11th - Apr. 15  6:00-9:30

Sundays, Apr. 10th - May 15th  4:00-7:30

Fridays, Apr. 22nd - May 27th  6:00-9:30

Wednesdays, May 25th - June 29th 6:00-9:30 

Sundays, May 29th - July 3rd  4:00-7:30

Fridays, June 10th - July 15th  6:00-9:30

Wendesdays, July 13th - August 17th 6:00-9:30

Sundays, July 17th - Aug. 21st  4:00-7:30

Fridays, July 29th - Sept. 2nd  6:00-9:30

Sundays, Sept. 11th - Oct.16th  4:00-7:30

Wednesdays, Sept. 14th - Oct 19th  6:00-9:30

Sundays, Oct. 30th - Dec. 4th  4:00-7:30

Wednesdays, Nov. 2nd - Dec. 7th  6:00-9:30


Private classes also available

Please contact Kim Gross at or 310-773-8774

Please check out our Hypnobabies YouTube video

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